About Foundation

Komi Regional Non-Profit Foundation "Silver Taiga" was founded in 2002 on the basis of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The Foundation is implementing Komi Model Forest, Forest Village and High Conservation Value Forests Projects, Komi Republic, Russia.


Экспедиция в Ядро Верхне-Вашкинского массива девственных лесов
Rural Regions Development: Conference in Akureyri

Silver Taiga Director Yury Pautov took part in the 4th Nordic Ruralities Conference held on May 22-24 in the University of Akureyri town, Iceland.

SevLesPil Employees Improved Their FSC Certification Skills
Silver Taiga representatives arranged a three-day FSC certification training course for the employees of SevLesPil.
Silver Taiga’s Environmentalists Learnt about Polish River Resource Management Experience
With regard to the trip to Poland the Foundation's experts were focused on two key objectives - to learn about the methods of aquatic ecosystem assessment used in the country and to study the experience of fishery resource management. Both tasks are relevant for efficient implementation of Silver Taiga's projects aimed at building sustainable management of rivers and river resources.
On the Diversity of Fish Population in the Mezen River

Model River Mezen Working Group is appealing to the public to report any cases of new unrepresentative fish species found in the catchment.