14 June 2017 – The Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development was entered to the register of “non-profit organizations exercising functions of a foreign agent” by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

About Foundation

Komi Regional Non-Profit Foundation "Silver Taiga" was founded in 2002 on the basis of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The Foundation is implementing Komi Model Forest, Forest Village and High Conservation Value Forests Projects, Komi Republic, Russia.


Global Climate Change and Clear Felling Scale Discussed at International Forest Summer School in Komi

Regular studies of the International Forest Summer School facilitated by Syktyvkar Forest Institute and arranged jointly with its partners, Silver Taiga, Mondi Syktyvkar, and Komi Fire Fighting Center, were held from 3 to 16 September in Komi. The annual course was attended by students of foreign universities.  

Studied Fish Scales Microscopically and Made a Fire with a Stone

From 21 to 25 August, the Summer Ichthyologic School was held in Vazhgort, Udora district, as part of the Model River Mezen project, jointly with the Usogorsk Children Recreational Center, Komi Republic Center of SPNA, with the support of the Vazhgort Secondary School. The participants were kids from different places – Syktyvkar, Usogorsk and Vazhgort. In total, there were 18 participants, four adults and 14 schoolchildren aged from 13 to 16. 

«Learning From Nature»

This was the name of the stage play prepared by the student propaganda team for the population of Chuprovo, Bolshaya Puchkoma and Muftyuga villages of Udora district of Komi under Model River Mezen Project. The students’ performances in Udora district at the end of each summer season have become already a good tradition.

Honoring the Mezen, Beautiful River, Fostering River

Residents of the near Mezen areas gathered in the village of Bolshaya Pyssa, Udora district, to honor the Mezen river on 12 August. Guests from such villages as Latyuga, Malaya Pyssa, Politovo, Patrakovo, Melentyevo, Muchkas, Syolyb, Koslan, and also the old Vozhgora village located in Leshukonye district, Arkhangelsk region, came to the inter-village Mezen Day event arranged for the first time by the Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development. In total 400 people participated in the celebration. 

Pike Will “Clean” the Irva Lakes

200 thousand young pikes were released to the Irva river (the Mezen tributary) in Udora district at the expense of the Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development on 30 June. The juvenile fish release was attended by Vladimir Maltsev, temporary acting head of the Komi branch of the Federal Fishery Agency (GlavRybVod), and Nikolay Zhilin, head of Udora district administration. 

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